We are Don't Aim.

We use precision and accuracy when eliminating enemies. We take our time and study the movements of our enemies before eliminating them. We plan our moves and roles before studying our enemies. We train and practice before we plan. We sprayed before we trained. We were brave before we were good. We are a team above all else, we look after our mates, and execute every move accordingly. We are Don't Aim. The best of the worst, the worst of the best, the middle area between Silver and Legendary. We are mates, in a real game and in real life, communication is everything, practice is key, and strategies are our expertise. The leader is you, build you own path into the dirt, create and maintain a balance of movements, accuracy, and communication always.

We are Don't Aim, and we know how to do things wrong. That's how we remember to do things right.

Rules to Join

-You must be at Level 1 on Steam

-You must not have any VAC bans on record

-You must be a CS:GO player

Stuff to Know

There are no set leaders of this group, the leader is usually chosen every week and is usually the player of the week.

There are exceptions to the above "Rules to Join". If I know you personally, or we play often and you are on my friends list, you don't have to worry about the above "Rules to Join", but still, only if I know I can trust you. Otherwise if none of us know you, it's slim you'll be part of the team. All are welcome to the group, but only a select few become part of the team.

Any attempt to scam another member will result in being banned, blocked, and reported to Steam support.

I will try to find a free skin to give away (mostly cheaper skins, but nonetheless a skin). The skin will be given to the best player of private tournament games (excluding SprAy). The best player is determined by K/D ratio and MVP count.

The members of this group have to always trust each other through anything and everything.

This is more of a democratic group rather than a communist group (meaning we vote on things), which means no one, single person chooses new features to add or remove. This also works for the player of the week if it's seems to be a stalemate between two or more players.

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